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Debt Resolution Services

One time settlements (OTS)- Our Expertise
The need for OTS arises due to the fact that whenever the recovery proceedings are initiated and legal notices are issued to recover dues from the defaulting borrowers, the defaulters in most of the cases obtain different kinds of stay orders from different Courts and the matter remains pending for a long time. During this period the lenders are not able to recover their interest/principal dues from such borrowers as the matter remains subjudice. In order to improve the recovery from all such cases and also from the chronic defaulters and in order to reduce the Non Performing assets (NPAs), the mechanism of OTS of dues was evolved.

Our experts assist the borrower company in negotiations with and in reaching settlements with lending Banks. TECHNOCRAFT also arranges for term loans to finance the OTS transaction in certain cases. Our legal and financial experts work out the right restructuring plan for the borrower for revival of the unit and handholds the borrower company to return to the black.

TECHNOCRAFT will represent the borrowers whose loans have been taken over by Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) and negotiate with such ARCs for the resolution of the distressed financial assets.

Asset Restructuring is one of the core services we provide to clients. We have closed number of deals successfully in this segment. Through network of TECHNOCRAFT we help our clients who are in process of restructuring their debts and have difficulties in servicing their existing loans. In order to avoid exposure to be classified as NPA by banks and avoid any legal action or default proceedings you can approach us for One Time Settlement (OTS) with banks and takeover of loans by Asset Reconstruction Companies. This way you can avoid complete stoppage of business and avoid long term NPA and default. Further fresh loans can also be obtained for financing your additional needs. We have established expertise in this area by working with Banks and ARC jointly.

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