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Auctions & Sales

The company is also providing services as Auctioneers and Agents facilitating sales of secured assets seized by the lenders. Over the last seven years of activities, the Company has compiled a large database of persons interested in making the investments in assets on distress sale. The following procedure is adopted for faster sale and better realization of value of assets:

  • Drafting and publication of legal notices as prescribed under SARFAESI Act with all requisite particulars.
  • Information is sent to relevant part of the database regarding the property/asset on sale.
  • The properties/assets are also listed for sale on popular media- both print and electronic media.
  • The properties/ assets of sale are publicized locally by way of banners, inserts and dealers.
  • The interested buyers are persuaded and visits to the properties/ inspection of the assets are arranged.
  • Proper auction proceedings are conducted and all necessary records and evidences are kept for future references and authentication.
  • Preparation of all documents, legal formalities etc. after successful closure of the auction.
  • Complete all the documentation for transfer of title in favour of the buyer and drafting and facilitating issue of sale certificate.

There is a dedicated team for management, publicity and marketing of assets under distress sale. The team is experienced enough to handle properties of any size. The documentation process has already been optimized and systemized resulting in better confidence of buyers, timely completion of transaction and faster recovery of dues.

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